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Our daycare program is set up to make a fun filled day for your dog. It is a chance for them to interact and make new friends. They can socialize with humans as well as their daycare friends. They play games and learn new commands and tricks. Your dog runs around and lets out all of that extra energy.

• Doggie of the Month
• Birthday celebrations
• Free 1st visits
• Learn new tricks & commands
• New friends
• Socialization
• Release of energy
• Free birthday visits
• Holiday Parties

First Day of Daycare is Always FREE!


Our Boarding Facility is an extention of our Daycare program. Your dog will spend his day in our daycare and then be kenneled at night. We pride ourselves in having clean, spacious, sanitized kennels where your fur babies  can get a relaxing evening of sleep time. Your fur babies are treated like royalty.Boarding-01

• Free Daycare
• Bedding
• Individual Feeding Bowls
• Spacious kennels
• Individual attention
• Socialization
• Themed kennels - HF
• Package deals 


Here at "Bellyrubs" we don't use cages or muzzles. (unless absolutely neccessary) Our furry friends will already be nervous being in a strange place. We feel if we put them in a cage until it is thier turn, it only makes them more stressed. We allow them to hang out in our grooming facility until it is thier turn. This keeps them in a relaxed state of mind, and make thier grooming experience a pleasant one.

• Cage free environmentGrooming-01
• Bows & Bandannas
• Free advise
• Quality care
• Experienced Stylists
• Quality grooming products

Crazy Cat Condo

Our Crazy Cat Condo has seven 4'x6' individual safe, clean, and climate controlled rooms. Each room has a different theme. They are designed for your cats comfort and entertainment. We are sure your cat will feel loved and enjoy his/her stay with us.
• Cage free environment

• Cage free environment
• Plenty of toys
• Comfortable atmosphere
• Quality care
• Individual attention
• Clean rooms
• Cage free environment

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