Its Time For Our Furry Friends To Indulge!



Susan has been in the business of sharing her love for animals all of her life. She grew up in Upstate New York with her two sisters and three brothers. Susan always took over on the family pets, taking care of them and claiming them as hers. She passed this trait down to her three children. Susan gave up her career in the medical field of nine years to pursue her dream of opening her own doggie daycare and boarding facility. It is her dream to spend her days with her own pets as well as with yours when you can't.

So don't leave your dog inside and alone all day. Bring him to "Bellyrubs", where he can socialize with other dogs, play, make new friends, and have a great time!

"Bellyrubs" is a place to bring your dog when you can't take him with you. You can have a peace of mind knowing he is safe and happy. He will be getting lots of attention, love and excercise. We will treat him as part of our family.

Dogs are pack animals.and being alone all day is very hard on them emotionally. Here they not only have companionship with other dogs, but also get lots of comfort and security from humans. Some dogs enjoy the smells, sounds, and sun in the back yard. Others may enjoy snuggling, or may want to sit on a lap. Some may just want to be by a person's side all day. At "Bellyrubs", they can do all this and more.

Most importantly.when you come home from a long day of work, your dog will be happy. He will be tired from a full day of play and be ready for some quality time with you. No more feeling guilty!

When coming in for an interview, we take it slow. We meet with you and your pet first. We then introduce your pet with the others on neutral ground. We find this works exceptionally well. There will be times that dogs argue by growling. Keep in mind that when put together, all dogs need to evaluate their position in the new "pack". Once this is decided, they calm down. Some become friends and others just go off to do their own thing. We allow all dogs in their own individual ways, to find their place.

You can be assured that your pet is in good hands with our trained staff. All playtime is under  supervision. Your pets safety and happiness is our priority.

At "Bellyrubs" we have safe enclosed yards, with sun, shade, toys, and a play pool for those real hot days. There is a lot of room for romping around or for just being lazy. Inside you will find a climate controlled playroom complete with cots, cushions, and toys. We play soft music, work on commands, and learn new tricks.

We also have the convience of a grooming salon on the premises. Your dog can be groomed during his stay with us. This will save you time in your busy schedule of haveing to make a seperate appointment.

Our feline friends are invited to stay in one of our seven themed cat condos.

We offer overnight boarding which is an extention of our daycare program. Your dog can be in daycare during the day and be boarded in one of our clean, safe, and spacious kennels at night.

Don't forget to stop in and check out our gift and supply shop.

We hope you will find that "Bellyrubs" meets all of your expectations and more.

If you have any questions or suggestions you may contact Susan or Jessica at (518)747-6815 or email us at

Our Mission

To make every pet who visits "Bellyrubs" feel like a part of our family, when they can't be with theirs!


What We Believe In

Bellyrubs Doggie Daycare proudly participates in several events and is a member of numerous groups both locally and nationally each year. We feel it is our obligation to give back to the community and to continue our efforts in bettering the lives of our furry friends.

  • Member of the Adirondack Chamber of Commerce
  • Lifetime member of NBOA
  • Participated in "Bark in the Park"
  • Participated in "Peta-Palooza"
  • Member of the group "Groomers Uplifting Groomers"
  • Participated in "Celebration of the Animals Hope for Healing"
  • We have taken first aid courses through Tundra Spirits
  • Attended the grooming expo in Hershey, PA 
  • Trained at the Animal Behavior College & Pen Foster


Bellyrubs to the Rescue

We are affiliated with many rescue groups. When they are out of foster parents, we foster their overflow of cats & dogs. In our care, we work with the dogs that have fears or behavioral problems. Its gratifying when we can help them overcome these issues and help them become more adoptable.

Some of the groups we work with are:

  • H.O.P.E. (Homes for Orphaned Pets)
  • The Pumpkin Fund
  • F.A.C.T. (Fight Against Cruelty to Animals)

Thank You

We want to thank all of our supporters and customers alike for helping us win the following:

  • 2nd place for our float in the 2013 Annual Holiday Parade. 
  • Best in the Region Award - 9 years running


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