Daycare Guidelines

Daycare -Closed weekends and all major holidays.

Prior to enrolling in our daycare program, Bellyrubs requires that all dogs and their owners visit for an informal interview and temperament screening. This gives you a chance to tour our facility and enables us to meet your dog. Our dogs welfare and happiness is our top priority, so we want to make sure our pack dynamic is a good fit for your pet.
All dogs must:
  • Be twelve weeks of age or older
  • Be spayed or neutered (puppies under six months of age are exempt)
  • Have written proof of up-to-date vaccinations including rabies, distemper/ parvo., and bordetella (kennel cough)
  • Be in good health and free from communicable disease for thirty days
  • Be non-aggressive
  • Be flea and tick prevention (from April 1st to the first frost)
  • Not be food or toy protective
Once we have interviewed you and your pet and you have completed the enrollment process, there are no restrictions on attendance at Bellyrubs. Your pet's schedule is entirely up to you. You may choose to attend everyday, three times a week, or even just a few times a month. The only requirements that we have is that you call us in advance to make sure we have room for your pet and that your pet is compatible with the ones that we have scheduled that day.
Bellyrubs ask that you please do not bring any personal items for your dog. (Some dogs become possessive of their own items.)
Daycare hours are Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm.
Please plan your schedules around these times. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!
Dogs not picked up by 5:30pm will be kenneled. An additional boarding fee will be applied to your daycare fee.
We offer: Dog walks, baths, nails, and full groomings (for additional charges and depending on our schedule). Check with the receptionist for pricing. Let the receptionist know if you want any of the above upon check in.

Weekday drop-off and pick-up time in Hudson Falls:


7am to 5:30pm

Weekday drop-off  in Gansevoort:



Weekday pick-up in Gansevoort:



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